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Summer Holiday – Telephone Number For COVID Contact - 07843858769

If any child tests positive for COVID-19 over the Summer Holidays, please can we ask that you contact us on 07843858769 so that we can support you and, where appropriate, inform other members of the school community.


The telephone will be checked regularly so please leave a message giving all details if the phone is not answered when you ring.  Please can you also give a contact number which we can call you back on.


It is important that you let us know as quickly as possible.  Thank you.


We very much hope that no children will test positive for COVID-19 over the Summer but we want to be fully prepared if this does happen.


Take care; keep safe!



Aims and values

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Relationships are incredibly strong, creating an atmosphere of trust to flourish.

- 3rd July 2018                                    

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The Cedar School believes that we all learn from each other (‘Partners in learning’), old and young, and every member of the school is accepted for who they are, and what they can do, and not what other people think they should be.

As such all classes are fully inclusive and are determined by children’s individual level of need and circumstances as opposed to age groupings/Key stages. We have high levels of expectations for all our children and we aim to fully extend their academic and social development alongside overcoming many of the challenges that our young people face daily.  High levels of staffing and individualised learning programmes ensure both the learning and social needs of each child are met within their class team, alongside their physical requirements, access to learning needs, health requirements, personal care and PHSE/wellbeing/key working support.

Throughout their time at Cedar School children may receive varying levels of support according to their changing needs and circumstances.

Through close partnership and multi-disciplinary working we believe that The Cedar School:

  • Provides a positive learning environment where children develop new skills and learn how to apply them in a concrete and meaningful way
  • Encourages, supports and challenges all pupils to achieve their full potential
  • Embraces individual needs  and promotes their self esteem
  • Develops and supports children to be healthier and more able to understand their own personal difficulties and challenges
  • Provides a caring, safe and secure environment where children are taught to understand their own place in their wider community and to ensure personal, individual success
  • Promotes effective working partnerships with parents, carers and external agencies and works in conjunction with NHS colleagues
  • Works in a multi-disciplinary way to attend to the holistic needs of our young people and to support our children’s families
  • Teaches pupils to communicate effectively and to be independent and be able to make good choices
  • Utilises the community to enhance the learning curriculum and to support pupils to practise and extend their social skills
  • Develops pupils self-esteem, confidence and independence in preparation for their challenges ahead in adult life