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In Culture week, we have recognised and celebrated the importance and impact that women have had across the world in the light of International Women's Day although I am a little uncomfortable writing this, as surely this is a 'given' anyway? Still, it was a wonderful week and opportunity for our young people to learn about some influential people who have helped shape our world for the better and let's face it, we all need a bit of help and inspiration at the moment.

We also celebrated WORLD BOOK DAY on Thursday, 7th March and the school was awash (Is that the right adjective?)with PJs, dressing gowns and 'Onesies' and importantly BOOKS too as we celebrated our favourite stories, books and authors. This all links so well with our rejuvenation plans for our library too!

Please also be aware that the consultation period in relation to the Review around SEND provision in the City is approaching and there is a really useful document available at . It is an important issue and therefore, it would be great it you could get involved with the consultation and put your views across, once the proposals are available and fully formed.


School Vision 

The culture of togetherness and shared values that have been established are respected by all and results in exemplary behaviour throughout the school. Ofsted - 3rd July 2018


We are a school community that works in open partnership to meet the physical, health and learning needs  of our children.                                                     

Many of our children have complex Special Educational Needs and Physical Difficulties(SEND) that result in the need for a different approach to their education.

As such we ensure our learning activities are enriching, relevant, multi-sensory and concrete so that learning is secure and can be applied in a range of circumstances and contexts.

Through our ‘Partners in Learning’ mission statement we genuinely believe that we all learn from each other, old and young, and every member of our community is accepted for who they are, and what they can do, and not what other people think they should be.

I am proud to be the Headteacher of The Cedar School as I know I lead a talented and committed team of professionals.


I am proud to be the Headteacher of The Cedar School as I know I lead a talented and committed team of professionals. We are determined to problem solve around opportunities and experiences for young people to ensure they are safe, secure, and happy whilst also meeting their individual learning requirements.

Team work is a key feature in the school, and our children make outstanding progress and parents are delighted with their child’s education.

Visitors to the school often comment on the happy personalities of our children and their high self-esteem which is a reflection of the work we do throughout the school from their Early Years in our Nursery through to our Key Stage 4 students.

All our young people are encouraged to be as independent as possible, to communicate effectively and to make genuine, informed choices. We know our children well and we also know that they and their families have many hurdles to overcome and we are determined to look for ways to overcome such difficulties so that challenges can be turned into positive learning opportunities for all.

We have a genuine ‘I-can culture,’ and every individual is embraced and celebrated for what they can bring to our overall school learning ethos for the benefit of all.