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Summer Holiday – Telephone Number For COVID Contact - 07843858769

If any child tests positive for COVID-19 over the Summer Holidays, please can we ask that you contact us on 07843858769 so that we can support you and, where appropriate, inform other members of the school community.


The telephone will be checked regularly so please leave a message giving all details if the phone is not answered when you ring.  Please can you also give a contact number which we can call you back on.


It is important that you let us know as quickly as possible.  Thank you.


We very much hope that no children will test positive for COVID-19 over the Summer but we want to be fully prepared if this does happen.


Take care; keep safe!



Data Protection and GDPR 2019-2020

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into force in May 2018, right across the European Union. It is EU legislation designed to make it easier to know how companies and indeed schools too, can use your personal data. The legislation should also provide you with more control/or a say on how your personal data is used overall.

We hope therefore that the documents below help you understand more about the schools' use of personal data and how we comply with GDPR regulations at Cedar. The documents and Privacy Notices should also hopefully reassure you, that we will only use your personal data for common sense, 'day to day' school based reasons that are in the best interest of your child (and therefore families too)or to allow the school to comply with statutory responsibilities that all education settings have to adhere to, which again should be in the best interests and safety of your/our students

If you do have any questions or concerns please contact the Headteacher in the 1st instance or... Should you wish to report a possible data breach or seek further advice you can also directly contact the:

Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF or on 0303 1231113 or at  


Privacy Notices --- Children 

Privacy Notices --- Adults 

Data Protection  Policy

Useful Information for Parents about GDPR