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After School Club (Wednesday and Fridays) and Parent/Carers Swimming Club (Monday)

The school runs an After School Club on Wednesday and Friday afternoon between 3.30 to 4.30pm.

The afternoon is for all ages and is based around social activities, arts, sports and independence whilst providing a chance for our young people to make friends and have some fun, along the way.

The club is run by ACTIVE NATION and supported by key, experienced Cedar staff so all children can enjoy their ‘down time’ in a safe and well managed way to ensure a spirit of collaboration, fun and friendship for all.

ACTIVE NATION asks for a nominal contribution (£3) to help cover the costs of running the club, but please do talk with the school if this is prohibitive.

For more information about the club or for other activities in the City please contact:ACTIVE NATION

We also open up our Hydro pool for parents and family to access with their child on a MONDAY night, 3.30 - 5pm.  Whilst we make sure the responsibility lies with the parent/carer in terms of the club, the school also provides a skilled/experienced member of staff who is suitably qualified to act as a 'Pool Responder' and to assist as necessary, whilst having some fun along the way.

For more details again please contact Karen Booth on 023 8073 4205