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The Cedar School

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What a fantastic SPORTS DAY we had (and the sun shone!) - Thank you all for your wonderful support

Have a wonderful half term too - We are 'back in business' for the Summer Term on Monday 3rd June

Congratulations go to Sarah Kitcher who now represents our families, along with Tor Price as your Parent/Carer Governor

Finally, please also be aware that the consultation period in relation to the Review around SEND provision in the City is approaching. There is a really useful summary report of the SEND findings in the City at . It is a really important issue and therefore, it would be massively appreciated if you could get involved with the consultation and put your views across, once the proposals are available and fully formed.


The Cedar School Fund Raising Committee

Our fund raising committee are a fantastic team made up of staff and parents/carers who come together to have some fun but to also think through how best to support the day to day running of the school in social and creative ways. The team coordinate a Christmas and Summer Fair as well as termly social events across the year and the occasional 'one offs' as they crop up.

The committee have raised a staggering amount of money over the years and we are so grateful for their loyal and fantastic support and commitment to the school. You are amazing!

We are of course, always looking out for new members to join our 'merry band'. Please contact Debbie Warn, Chair or Karen Booth, Treasurer for more details and a chat if you have some creative ideas or simply just want to be part of things. You are most welcome!

Latest news.... we raised a staggering £2,300 at our Christmas Fair. Thank you all but particularly thanks go to our biker group and the Southampton West Rotary Club for their fantastic and loyal support of the school. Our social Bingo Night ! is on Friday 9th March. 'Eyes down' at 7pm

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