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School Prospectus 2019/2020

Please find below our school prospectus for this current academic year.

For cost reasons we have chosen to publish our prospectus 'on-line' and not print off hard copies, but should you require a hard copy version please do contact the school and we will be happy to print a prospectus for you.

Please also note and as you will be aware, small things change each year and throughout the year so please keep referring to the schools web site for more information as this is a quicker way of updating any such changes e.g. The cost of school dinners etc. 

However we hope to let you know about such changes routinely through our weekly newsletter, 'The Cedar Chat' and through our Home/School App 'Schoop'. Please note if you do not currently get an email version of The Cedar Chat, please contact Karen Collins on 02380 734205 or at  and she will gladly add you onto our circulation list.                                                                                                      

Finally, each 'stage' in the school is inevitably slightly different due to the changing ages and maturation of our children/young people so each Phase Leader will have their own 'induction booklet' to complement the overall School Prospectus so please also feel free to contact the Key Phase Leaders on the main office number or better still on:                                              Becca Farwell  Primary Leader

Amanda Thorne Secondary Leader


For the full School Prospective 2018/2019

Download full document