Hello From Cedar Weekly Emails

Hello from Cedar

Thankfully the weather this week did not impact on school at all and it is due to get milder over the next few days.  Sadly it is also due to get wetter and windier but I hope that this does not curtail any plans which you have for the next few days.

It is always lovely when children are able to go on trips to engage in different experiences and opportunities.  An example of this was on Tuesday when a group of children from Diamond and Sapphire classes visited Peter Symonds College in Winchester to take part in a sporting tournament. The children split into three groups and each played a couple of games of new age kurling as well as a few games of boccia. All of the children joined in and had lots of fun. One of our Cedar groups even won the boccia tournament with their friends all cheering them on  ! Congratulations, everybody!

In some of our assemblies this week we have learned about Martin Luther King and his inspirational impact on equality for all.  We have reflected on how important it is to always be kind to each other and to celebrate similarities and differences.  Your children are always so mature and thoughtful; they are a total credit to you.

 We all hope that you have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you again on Monday!

Warm best wishes,
Neil, Cesia and the whole Cedar team

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