Hello from Cedar Weekly Emails

Hello from Cedar

Well, this week did not go exactly as planned ...

Had someone told me at the start of the week that school would be closed on Thursday, I would not have believed them.  

We closed because Southampton City Council advised all schools to shut for the day due to Storm Ciaran.  In the end, the storm did not have the impact on Southampton as had been forecast.  This is a relief but it is, I believe, always better to be safe rather than sorry when such difficult decisions have to be made.  We are sorry for everyone who did suffer in Storm Ciaran and hope that the weather settles down again across the country.

Staff had a working day yesterday and spent time in class teams updating plans for each child. We also spent time focusing on further safeguarding training.

Thank you for your flexibility yesterday.  I appreciate that you had to change your arrangements and the inconvenience which this will have caused for many of you.  I am very sorry for this.

It was lovely to welcome the children back on Monday for a busy half-term of learning!  Among other things this week, we have been learning about firework safety and have been reflecting on what it means to do things independently. Many children also enjoyed dressing up for Halloween on Tuesday.

Some good news: Over half-term Molly had her baby ... a little boy called Elton.  Congratulations to Molly and her partner, Lewis.  Molly and Elton are both doing well. We all look forward to meeting Elton at some point in the future!

Wishing you all a relaxing weekend and looking forward to seeing the children back on Monday for, hopefully, a five day week  !

Take care,
Neil, Cesia and the whole Cedar team

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