Hello from Cedar Weekly Emails

Hello from Cedar

Once again, my thanks to everybody for being so understanding yesterday when all members of our school nursing team were unwell.  I do appreciate how difficult it must have been for those of you who received a call after 8.00am saying that your child would not be able to be in school.  I cannot thank you enough for the way that you adapted your days although I know that this would not have been easy.

Thank you very much for the donations which you have generously made today for raffle prizes at our Christmas Extravaganza.  The children are enjoying the non-uniform day!  A reminder that our Christmas Extravaganza will be on Tuesday 5th December at 10am.  Everyone is welcome!

Equally, Karen and Sue, on behalf of the staff team, invite you all to the Bikers' 'ride in' next weekend, on Saturday 2nd December at 10.30am. 

Changing theme ......  There is a national Children's Commissioner - a lady called Dame Rachel De Souza.  The Children's Commissioner's role is to promote the rights, views and interests of children in policies or decisions affecting their lives.  As part of her work, the Children's Commissioner has launched a nationwide campaign called 'The Big Ambition' and she is inviting children to respond to an on-line survey.  Children can do this themselves or parents/carers can complete the survey on their behalf.  The link to the survey is www.childrenscommissioner. gov.uk/thebigambition.  There is no obligation or requirement to complete the survey but I am sharing the link with you in case you would like to have a look.  Thank you!

On Tuesday morning we will welcome our governors into school to spend time in classrooms.  We have a great team of governors.  We meet regularly to discuss developments in school and it will be lovely for governors to spend time with children and staff.  There are also a few class trips, our Secondary Careers Week and other events going on next week so I hope that everyone has a restful weekend ahead of another busy 'Cedar week' to come!

Thank you again and warm best wishes,
Neil, Cesia and the whole Cedar Team

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